DOXANODE - Box Industry 6x100g

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DOXANODE is a zinc-based surface treatment (zinc powder + inorganic binder) for the galvanic protection of steel, aluminum, bronze and cast iron supports. It offers high level anticorrosive protection..

  • Excellent solder primer: pretreated metal elements can be soldered together.
  • It is a perfect substitute for hot-dip galvanizing (no deformation on the objects to be protected).
  • Withstands temperatures up to 600 °.
  • Perfect and extremely durable hold in contact with hydrocarbons, organic solvents and many chemicals.
  • Very high resistance to mechanical impact, without any risk of degradation or loss of effectiveness if scratched, scratched repeatedly.

Covering power: ± 6/8 m2 / kg for 1 coat (variable depending on temperature, humidity, application and surface roughness).