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Who are we ?

DOXANODE has been around for over 60 years.

This product was intended for the maintenance of locks to effectively combat electrolysis, at the same time providing very effective, almost indestructible cold galvanization.

Bernard MOITESSIER was the first navigator to use the product on his famous JOSHUA at the end of the 1960s. He introduced the DOXANODE to the nautical world. Since then, many sailors use it as an anodic protection, they may also be interested in its antifouling function because marine parasites do not stick and are cleaned very easily.

DOXANODE does not represent a hazard for the aquatic environment.
Not requiring any special precautions during its application, it is completely odorless and the tools can be rinsed with water. DOXANODE is coated with all paints by following the recommended application procedures. (see instructions for use)

Manufacture of DOXANODE ceased in 2015 as the product was no longer available for sale.

In 2018, Michel NICOD, user and passionate about the efficiency of DOXANODE bought the manufacturing process from the designers.

Today the DOXANODE is again available and manufactured in France.

At the origin of the DOXANODE project

Michel NICOD

Commercial director

Franck NICOD

Sales Manager Grand-Ouest

Christophe THOMAS

Communication manager

Océane NICOD

Administrative, Shipping & Tracking Manager

Florence AILLOUX

We make it a point of honor to guarantee eco-responsible products
and manufactured in France on our entire Doxanode range.