No solvents are used in the manufacture of DOXANODE.

For the binder, the products are integrated in different stages.
We only use natural minerals such as silicates, quartz sand, purified water heated to very high temperature and inorganic stabilizers.

The zinc we use is pure, first use and atomized (This is not reuse zinc).

Some precautions are required when handling zinc because, in contact with water, it can release a small amount of flammable gas (HYDROGEN).

Zinc is also a natural product, considered today as a “non-ferrous metal”.


Zinc mixed with the binder is completely neutralized and becomes non-flammable and safe. It does not require any special precautions for use.

The mixture of the two components of DOXANODE (BINDER + ZINC) gives us a ZERO TOXICITY product.
The silicate has a fungicidal and anti-bacteria action thanks to its high alkalinity.
Zinc also has an anti-foam and anti-organic action.

This is why we talk about antifouling and anti-fouling function because marine parasites do not stick and are easily cleaned.

To date, the only observation we can make is that more and more sailors are using it as an antifouling on steel and aluminum boats. To the detriment of products that contain a high amount of biocides.

DOXANODE is odorless, inerodible and does not impose any special precautions during its use and all application tools are rinsed with water.